Creating high-quality tops requires a lot of work and attention at every stage of production: from the selection of fabrics to the sewing of label. See how all collections are created under the supervision of Selva.

Concept – at Selva we believe that the basis of good top, underlies close cooperation of the artist and the designer from the first moments of creation of the project. And so we are working. Thanks to this, the idea and the execution are at highest level.

Designing – when the artist’s vision will take more concrete shape, it passes entirely into the hands of one of our designers. We begin to create, styles, design, select fabrics, look for staining methods. It is time of many trials, errors, tests and bug fixes, but only this allows us to create a "perfect prototype".

Manufacturing process. This is a stage, at which the design is starting to take real and tangible shapes.
The choice of fabric – we looked for knitting factories which would be able to produce adequate knit for us, for a long time. At last we found them in Łódź. This knitting basin allows production of best quality materials, and above all a constant control over their production. We often have to test several tens of knitted fabrics before we find this only one, with appropriate yarn, weave, weight and refinement.

Enjoy discovering
new scene of clothing
by Wild Clothing Store.
Made and designed
in Poland.

Constructor work – is a very important element of production. Our designers use latest methods of preparing stencils, what allows us to use every centimeter of fabric. This allows us to use the best and most expensive knitted fabrics. In addition, machine cutting ensures that each piece will be ideal, without the slightest offsets.

Sewing – for long time we have been looking for people, who will meet our requirements at Selva. Now that we found them, we are sure, that each will be made with the utmost attention to even smallest detail.